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Lay in the Shade

Shark Island Ada

Enjoy the ultimate shark Island experience by renting a private, shaded area for the day! We offer 3 different options, including large and small beach cabana and our “one-of a kind” floating cabanas. Please NOTE: All cabanas, including floating cabanas, are located within our VIP beach location and access to our VIP beach is only acquired by purchasing a cabana. We DO NOT sell access to our VIP beach a la carte!

no age restrictions

Monday -Sunday

8am 12pm

Pick up is at the southwest part of the Island

Numer of people in party: 10

Cabana Type

Large cabanas Weekdays, Large cabanas Weekends, Clam shell cabanas Weekdays, Clam shell cabanas Weekends, Floating cabanas weekdays, Floating cabanas weekends